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It’s Official!  Star Wars: The Last Jedi is completely finished and ready to be released!  

There are a couple of important takeaways from this info.  For starters, with post-production done, Star Wars fans can expect a new, official trailer for Episode VIII coming any day now.  Mark Hamill even hinted on Twitter that the new trailer would debut on Monday Night Football on October 9th.  But that Tweet has since been taken down (Disney and/or Lucasfilm probably told Mark to delete it).

Also, this means that the legendary John Williams’ score has been completed as well.  And for those of us who worship the ground that John Williams walks on, this is very good news.

The Last Jedi is scheduled to hit theaters on December 15th of this year!  Check out some cool stuff below!  And may the Force be with you!

– East Side Dave

First Trailer for The Last Jedi


Behind-The-Scenes Featurette


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