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Foo Fighters Release Whimsical Animated ‘Making of Concrete and Gold’ Video

Do yourself a favor and carve out six minutes to watch this new clip from the Foo Fighters.

It’s enough that their new album dropped today, but they also released this f*cking delightful animated video of how Concrete and Gold became a reality.

The bulk of the video covers how the band got involved with mega-producer Greg Kurstin and all of the album’s cameos except for one, which made for and ending that literally made this writer LOL.  If you don’t literally LOL, that’s okay, but you’re also clearly one of the cyborgs that have been sent to kill us all.

Harsh words?  Yes…maybe no…actually, still not sure, but the ending is the charming cherry on top of a great story.

Foo Fighters - The Making of Concrete and Gold

The story behind the new album, 'Concrete and Gold,' produced by Greg Kurstin. Watch to find out how Justin Timberlake became a part of the album along with many other guests.


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