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The Rat is psyched for the frights as our friends at the PNC Bank Arts Center are transforming their showgrounds into a Halloween themed scare festival during the Halloween season! 

It’s “Scared In Jersey”…

Featuring a Pine Barren Maze, Mother Leed’s Haunted Cottage (birthplace of the devil), and a live performance by the Blood Drums with food, drink and games in the Devil’s Den every Thursday thru Sunday in the month of All Hallows Eve…

And, since we have some pull over there… we worked out a special price so that gettin’ scared out of the Be-Jebus won’t scare your wallet!  On September 6th… from 6am ’til  FRIDAY September 8th 10pm… Score your Scared In Jersey tickets for just $6.66… that’s over $18 off the normal price!

Use the link and password below to get in on this deal… because once it’s over… It’s dead and buried and won’t be coming back to haunt you again… Unless it’s in your nightmares!  Maaaawaaaahahahahahahahahaha!

CLICK HERE and enter Password WRAT