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Stranger Things!  Justice League!  The Walking Dead!  Ready Player One!  Thor!  Check out THIS article to see the hottest new movie and T.V. trailers for these upcoming months!  BAM!  

First, let’s start with the return of one of the best (and most surprising) shows of 2016…Netflix’s Stranger Things!


OK.  That was pretty, damned awesome.  But that’s not all!  You want some superheroes?!  We got your superheroes!!  Here’s the new trailer for Justice League!!


I’m liking what I’m seeing in that one.  Hopefully it’s better than Batman V. Superman.  Anyway, let’s check out a clip for a new Steven Spielberg movie that’s getting a ton of buzz!  It’s Ready Player One!


But wait!  There’s MORE!  Here you go, Walking Dead fans!


NICE!  But, don’t go anywhere just yet, baby!  We’ve got a vid for the new Thor!


Now, if only we can get another trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Dave Man would be in hog heaven, daddy!

See you at the movies!

– East Side Dave



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