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Best Reactions From “Wrestling Twitter” About Shane McMahon Surviving Helicopter Crash

No…this is not some crazy plotline from SmackDown LIVE; this is real life.

Per, Shane McMahon (who’s the son of WWE CEO Vince McMahon, in case you’re reading this and know absolutely nothing about wrestling) was involved in an emergency helicopter crash landing in the Atlantic Ocean today (July 19.)

Both McMahon and the pilot are “safe and sound,” with McMahon adding, “I would like to thank our pilot, Mario, who did a heroic job of landing us safely in the water, the Suffolk County Marine Bureau who were first on the scene, all the lifeguards who came out to assist us and the Fire Island Coast Guard station. I look forward to seeing everyone at WWE Battleground in Philadelphia this Sunday.”

(He even managed to plug the upcoming Pay-Per-View event.  Vince has to be proud.)

Of course, any smark would know if anyone could survive a helicopter crash, it’d be Shane McMahon, a man who has no qualms about jumping from…pretty much anything.

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That considered, “Wrestling Twitter” has been on fire with comments about the events of today.  Here are some of our favorites.

The Young Bucks on Twitter

Only Shane McMahon can take a bump from a helicopter and somehow be unharmed.

Justin Haines on Twitter

@shanemcmahon @WWE


francesca on Twitter

Shane McMahon legitimately just survived a helicopter crash in the water. Death fears Shane McMahon.


ㅤ on Twitter

Shane McMahon is literally immortal


D.C. on Twitter

Life : Shane you're going to be in a helicopter crash this morning. Shane McMahon :


Josh Young on Twitter

Shane McMahon must be crazy over in heaven cause they keep booking him to beat death all the time.


Chris Longshore on Twitter

Shane McMahon: Dropping elbows from titantrons, Cages, and helicopters since 1999


Brett on Twitter

Shane McMahon is on Chuck Norris level.


si ano, 'yun nga on Twitter

Shane McMahon didn't cheat death. He won fair and square.

Nick Buono on Twitter

Shane McMahon be like ... #WWE #SDLIVE #ShaneMcMahon


Casey Jon on Twitter

Reporters to Shane McMahon: "Were you nervous about emergency landing in the water?" Shane McMahon:


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