Check This Out…

Sad woman

Madalyn Parker shared with her office that she would be gone for a few days to take a mental health day, and the CEO responded. 

For those of us who have anxiety, you obviously see this headline and think OH NO, THIS MUST BE A TRAINWRECK. Well, to much surprise, and excitement, it was the exact opposite of that.

Parker’s boss, the CEO, sent an e-mail back to everyone, sharing that he was thankful that she shared where she was, and the importance of using sick days for mental health.

She told BuzzFeed, “Oh my goodness I am absolutely floored by how viral this has gone!” … “I’m really really happy that we’re raising awareness and normalizing mental illness. We need to squash the stigma!”


Does your company support a mental health day? Have you ever asked for one? Or do you just pretend “you’re sick” to have one? Sound off in the comments!


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