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Barbie's Dream Hunk Ken Gets A New Makeover

Next time Barbie sees heartthrob Ken, her jaw will drop.

Meet the latest Barbie Fashionistas! Barbie, are you ready for a Ken with a man bun and graphic tee? Because that Hawaiin top and khaki shorts he's been wearing for years has got to go!

Mattel is catching up with the times. The toy company has just given the Ken doll a new makeover. One that is relatable to kids today and appeals to this generation.

Mattel is calling it "Barbie Fashionistas' most diverse lineup yet!"

Mattel on Twitter

Meet the New Crew: @Barbie Fashionistas' most diverse lineup yet!???????? Includes new body types & hairstyles (hello, #manbun ????‍♂️) for Ken.

Barbie's website reports that this Fashionista line features 15 new Ken dolls available in three body types: broad, slim, and original. The dolls will also have different skin tones and hairstyles. And yes, we're serious about the man buns! But it doesn't stop there. Ken will even have cornrows and freckles! Here is what Barbie's boyfriend's new and improved wardrobe will look like: A mix of hip hoodies, denim blues, graphic tees and striped and checkered tops.

It's usually Barbie who gets all the attention with her fashion changes. Now, it's Ken's turn!

The next gen ken series is expected to hit stores in Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2018.

Barbie on Twitter

Our new Fashionistas feature even more skin tones, eye colors, and hairstyles. ???? #TheDollEvolves



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