Check This Out…

Within the deep waters off of Australia, a team of scientists recently encountered a rather interesting and freaky looking fish.  

What was the point of the deep sea voyage? To explore “the most unexplored environment on earth” Tim O’Hara, chief scientist on board “The Investigator” tells AFP.

According to Phys, the month-long journey allowed a team of scientists to use a variety of deep sea equipment 2.5 miles below the surface. Of all the bizarre sea creatures they came across, none were as unusual as the faceless fish whose existence was recorded once before in 1873.


Since it is extremely dark that the depth of the ocean, most of these alien creatures do not have eyes. Those that do have eyes, create their own light due to bioluminescence. Living in the deep, fish are exposed to extreme pressure, freezing temperatures, and have issues finding food. Fish are rarely large and, according to Phys, they “are jelly-like and spend their lives floating about, while others have ferocious spines and fangs and lie in wait until food comes to them.” Rough life!

There are plenty of unknowns about the vast depth of the ocean. Thanks to teams of adventurous scientists, we discover more each day. Perhaps the answers to some of our biggest problems lie in wait just beyond our reach at the bottom of the sea!


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