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The Latest Bizarre Item Up For Bid On eBay

Over the years, eBay has surprised the general public with some of the weirdest items. Get ready.  We have another item to add to the bizarre list.

One eBay seller, named “reckoner-yorke”, is selling a tuna fish that has sprouted a section of mold that looks oddly familiar to that of Micky Mouse.

On the listing, the owner states that this was not a genetically modified item, but rather “naturally grown”.

Currently, it is being frozen to preserve the unusual shape for the upcoming buyer.

chillona on Twitter

Someone is really selling a moldy tuna sandwich on @eBay for $10,000......yeah, goodnight.

Listed for $31,000, the owner of the item noted that they will donate half of the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

According to the Huffington Post, reckoner-yorke’s real name is “William, and that the sandwich came from his coworker in his Pennsylvania office.”

eBay has verified the listing as an official charity item so, you know your money is going to the right place.

On the listing, the owner of the moldy sandwich writes that the “Miracle run Sandwich, mold naturally grown on the sandwich is shaped like Mickey Mouse and is truly one of the Kind! Sandwich is frozen for preservation. Make an offer.”

Need a hilarious way to do something good for the world? Purchasing this item would, not only make for a great story, but will also help kids living with cancer.

Make your bid today!


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