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Pickle Juice Pops Are Hitting Stores This Summer

Pickles have become a popular trend! Starting with pickle juice soda, it looks as though food companies have found another way to add those vinegary treats into another tasty morsel.

According to, Pickle Pops are a refreshing popsicle that includes, yes you guess it, frozen pickle juice.

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why is pickle flavored ice pops a thing

Expect to see the treats in stores around the country this summer! The Wisconsin-based company, Van Holten’s Pickles will begin selling their good at Walmart in July. However, before these frozen treats became a media sensation, they were already popular in southern states.

Side note: if you are too excited to wait for the pickle pop release, Amazon does sell a similar product. The only downside is that it comes in a case. If you are already a pickle fan, this may be the best purchase for your wallet.

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Pickle-Flavored Freeze Pops : freeze ice pops - Van Holten's Freeze Ice Pops are Made ...

Each pickle pop is described to be extremely “refreshing” as well as a “hydrating ‘athletic supplement that helps prevent cramps” states Thrillist. This treat is essentially like drinking the pickle juice straight from the jar. If you are a fan of chugging the excess juice that comes after eating all your pickles, then this ice pop is definitely for you. You could even make a frozen version of a pickle back shot with these, all you need to do is add vodka!

As stated before, the pickle pops will be on sale at Walmart in mid-jury and will cost $3. Bob’s Pickle Pops, which have been on the market since 2008, are available for purchase now.

Cannot wait for Walmart’s big dill release? You could always purchase the alternative brand or even make your own pickle pops at home. We are sure that it cannot be that hard! Just make sure you save your pickle just next time you devour an entire container of pickles.


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