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Hidden Valley Ranch Fountains for Sale

We all know that one person who is absolutely obsessed with ranch dressing. They put it on their salads, use it as dip for their pizzas, or put it on your wings come game time. It may even be you! Whatever you mainly use ranch dressing for, this new product may become an instant hit in your kitchen.

Hidden Valley Ranch has launched their first online store on a fitting holiday, National Ranch Dressing Day. The holiday, which was May 10th, allowed the store to feature such swag like ranch t-shirts, tote bags, jewel encrusted bottles of ranch, iPhone cases, as well as a Hidden Valley Ranch Fountain.

Yes, that is right folks! You could have a whole real-life fountain, which resembles a chocolate fountain, for just $89.

Kaitlyn Fowler on Twitter

@shanedawson I found an actual fountain for ranch???? You can get one at Hidden Valley.

The fountain not only will gift you with the ability to have ranch at any time, but also comes with a year supply of the dressing. A year supply of ranch is approximately 12 36oz bottles. Needless to say, you will not have to do a lot of shopping for salad dressing if you purchase this item!

On their website, the item is described as “the ultimate dip dispensing party companion.” Whoever would purchase an item like this would seriously be the hit at every party!

The Hidden Valley jewel incrusted bottle, on the other hand, is a limited edition item. Each bottle is handmade “with love” by Whitney Ginsburg, an artist who has an Etsy page dedicated to her ability to create rhinestone water bottles. Hidden Valley noted on the website that this is “the most blinged out way to enjoy America’s favorite dressing.” If you want your own speciality, sparkly bottle it will only cost you $50.

If you are not a fan of either the fountain or the blinged out bottle, they have a variety of products that are far more subdued!


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