(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Young Rising Sons "Undefeatable"

“Undefeatable +2” EP Available Now!

Red Bank Indie Rockers Young Rising Sons released their “Undefeatable +2” EP back in October and just put out a video for the title track.

It is nothing short of inspiring.

The video for "Undefeatable" pairs the anthemic track with beautifully shot and edited  scenes that tell a story of overcoming adversity.  It’s an uplifting work of art that has the potential to light the fires of wide-eyed youth and re-ignite the long burned out embers of those who have been beaten down by life.  Its message is simple:  there’s always someone who has it worse and if they can overcome their challenges, you can too.  All you need is drive, determination, and a hell of a lot of heart.  Some might say that's easier said than done and they would be right.  That fact is what makes this video so compelling because it documents a true story.

Lacey Henderson was 9 years old when she was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue tumor in her knee.  Her right leg was amputated to save her life.  It’s very hard to imagine what that must have been like for both Lacey and her family.  Her parents rose to the challenge, raising her with the mindset “that if you want something you’ll find a way to make it happen - no matter the odds against you.”  Lacey, in turn, rose to the challenge.  Through hard work she overcame the odds to become a Paralympic Track and Field Athlete for Team USA.

This video is her story.  Learn more about Lacey Henderson at laceyjhenderson.com.

Young Rising Sons received a lot of well-deserved acclaim for their video which amassed over 30,000 views on youtube in about 1 week’s time.  The song itself has also done very well.  It was used in promos for ESPN’s 2016-2017 college football coverage and led the band to being selected for Taco Bell’s Spring 2017 Feed The Beat Program.

Young Rising Sons are currently working on a full-length album.  We’ll keep you posted on that as well as any upcoming performances in our area.

Learn more at youngrisingsons.com.

Check out the video for “Undefeatable”: