Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival

Longer Isn't Always Better...

Come out to the
Hang Onto Your Shorts
4th Annual Film Festival
in Asbury Park, NJ on May 20th & 21st!

The Lineups are set and with 152 Short Films to choose from you are destined for an entertaining weekend!  Tickets are available Now!  Grab a Film Fest 2-day Pass and hop from short to short!

Don’t miss the awards show at Porta where the Acting Honorary Award will be presented to William DeMeo who has the film “First Kill” coming out in July with Bruce Willis and Hayden Christianson. Also the upcoming John Gotti film with John Travolta where William plays Sammy the Bull, exciting stuff, don’t miss out.

Buy a ticket to the fest for any screening and Admission to the awards is FREE.

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