Axl Rose Surprise, Live Appearance!

OK...we admit it...this is a little weird.  But it's also kinda awesome.  

Billy Joel was playing Dodger Stadium in L.A. over the weekend when he was suddenly joined by W. Axl Rose for a performance of "Big Shot".

It does seem like a very odd pairing...but it also kind of works.  Axl adds an energetic and  antagonistic vocal that gels with "Big Shot".

After playing with AC/DC last summer, jamming with Elton John years ago, and now Billy Joel on Saturday, maybe this could be a new thing...The Axl Rose Collaboration Tour!  I say he teams up with Jimmy Page next!

- East Side Dave


Also, in case you forgot this is Axl joining Elton John onstage during the aforementioned Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.


And while we're at's Axl with Bruce Springsteen.


And since we just talked about it...let's end with Axl/DC!  BAM!

- Davey Mac