Jersey Rock Band of the Week: The Stolen

“Fragile Heart” Record Release Show to Rock The Brighton Bar on May 19!

Pop Punk Rockers The Stolen are quickly becoming a force on the national scene.  Formed in Old Bridge as a cover band in 2005, they have transformed into an original act with an upbeat, accessible, almost-80’s sound.  

The video for their latest single “Euphoric” produces visuals that match the band’s sound perfectly.  Some have compared it to the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things,” and for good reason.  The video looks and feels like it was produced in the era of CRT’s and MTV.  It even has VHS scan lines.  That video was last week’s Jersey Rock Video of the Week.

While The Stolen have a definite 80’s vibe, calling them a throwback would be a disservice to the group’s well-crafted sound.  They’re a modern band with retro roots, who are well at home in today’s music landscape.  Their tunes have the potential to transcend genres and broadcast formats, possessing all the makings of Pop hits while retaining the legitimacy of a built-from-the-ground-up genuine Rock act.  In a music world that is becoming more and more niche-oriented, The Stolen have a real shot at attaining mass appeal.

The Stolen are about to embark on a North East tour in support of their new album “Fragile Heart.”  The tour kicks off at the band’s record release show at The Brighton Bar on May 19.  Learn more at

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:30 PM to hear cuts from the “Fragile Heart” album.  Guitarist Rob Chiarappa will call in to the show each night to talk about the band’s new release and upcoming performance.

Learn more about The Stolen at

View last week's Jersey Rock Video of the Week, "Euphoric" HERE.

Check out The Stolen's video for "I'm So Dead":