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A Bartender's Dream: House Made out of Beer Bottles

Located in a small town in the Yukon, is a home that will make any recycler happy.

Geordie Dodson, who lives in Keno City, lined his home using beer bottles. The town is approximately 300 miles from the closest city and, according to Thrillist, only has a population of 25 people.

Known to be an active silver mining site, most of their community is made up of people from that profession. Dobson moved to the small town in 1952 and purchased an eight-roomed hotel with two bars. He would tend to miners coming back from working and needed a drink. Since recycling was not as well known during that time period Dobson had to get creative with the empty beer bottles.

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Started in 1966 the Beer Bottle House in Keno City took 4 years and 32,000 bottles to complete. #ExploreYukon #TBT

While assessing the empty bottles, he realized that the thick glass may be good for insulation. He decided to start lining his home and, four years later he had around 32,000 bottles surrounding his home. If he did not start this semi-Pinterest DIY project, he would have had to drive the empty bottles to Whitehouse. The town is approximately six hours away, quite a long journey to embark on just to get rid of some empties.

According to the town, his home is one of the warmest in the city. The two-bedroom bungalow is unoccupied since Dobson left the small town. Currently, the hotel and bar he used to own now have new owners who decided to live elsewhere on the property.

Sadly, the beer bottled home is starting to deteriorate. One regular told Thrillist that the house is starting to sink. The weight of the beer bottles is too heavy to keep the house standing after all of these years. Yukon residents are unsure of how long the insulation creation will still stay strong.

For all of you looking to cut down on your heating bill…start drinking!


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