(Photo by Three Lions/Getty Images)

101 Cheese Pizza Sets World Record

Dat's a lotta cheese!

We consider ourselves connoisseurs of fine pizza products.  Our proximity to New York City and the fact that some of the best pizza on earth comes from Jersey give us a certain authority that you cant get anywhere else.

So, when we heard that a pizza shop put 101 different cheeses on one pizza to set a new World Record, we became quite curious.

How did the manage the cheese / sauce ratio?  Was the crust still crusty?  Was it too soggy?

What did it even look like?  Well, we have that question answered for you below.

Cast your slice lovin' eyes on the Guinness Book Of World Record holder:

(Not gonna lie:  It looks pretty damn good!)

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Posted by Scottie's Pizza Parlor on Sunday, April 23, 2017