Release Dates For New Star Wars & Indiana Jones Movies!

Let's face it.......we are in another Golden Era for Lucasfilm.....and we ain't complaining!  

Kathleen Kennedy, who has become the President of Lucasfilm (ever since George Lucas retired), has done a magnificent job of weaving all of these new Star Wars projects together.  And now, Indiana Jones fans can join the party.

Lucasfilm announced that Episode IX (the final installment of this current, Star Wars trilogy), will hit theaters on May 24th, 2019.  After the December releases of The Force AwakensRogue One, and The Last Jedi (due in theaters this holiday season), it seems that Disney and Lucasfilm are going back to the traditional May releases (the standalone, Han Solo prequel will also be getting a May rollout in 2018).  Star Wars fans probably know that Episodes I through VI were all released in May as well.

And then, on July 10th, 2020, we will get the fifth Indiana Jones picture.  Harrison Ford is set to star as the iconic archaeologist and Steven Spielberg will return to direct.

I don't think Lucasfilm has had this much buzz since the glorious, early '80's (when you had The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Return Of The Jedi, and Temple Of Doom coming out back-to-back)!  If you have loved these two film franchises as much as I have, these truly are amazing times to live in!  See you at the movies!

- East Side Dave 


Episode VIII


The Last Crusade


The Force Awakens


Raiders Of The Lost Ark