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Peter Frampton Reunited with Guitar He Lost 31 Years Ago

More than three decades ago, legendary musician Peter Frampton assumed he lost one of his most prized guitars in a fiery plane crash.

Yet it turns out that the instrument was actually saved from the wreckage. Once it was rescued, it was then sold to someone on the island of Curaçao.

While that could have been the last that Frampton heard of his precious guitar, the story doesn't end there. The man who purchased the instrument engaged in a two-year negotiation with Frampton, as well as a guitar repairs specialist, a huge Frampton fan based out of the Netherlands, and the head of Curaçao's tourism board.

All of these people worked together to hammer out a deal to return the guitar to Frampton himself. Finally, after much deliberation, Peter Frampton was reunited with the beloved instrument he had presumed lost so many years ago.

"For 30 years, it didn’t exist. It went up in a puff of smoke as far as I was concerned," Frampton told The New York Times. 

The guitar was brought back to Peter Frampton with only minor repair work needed, and the musician aimed to play it at a show at The Beacon Theater in New York.

One was in a plane crash and the other was in the Nashville flood.

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