Star Wars: The Last Jedi........Predictions & Prognostications!

It's been about a week since the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has come out, and in that period, we have watched it upwards of 200 times.  So we feel we are now ready to make an Episode VIII prediction post! 

After all, and not to pat ourselves on the back, but our Star Wars: The Force Awakens predictions post was on-point, baby.  A new Death Star?!  We predicted that.  Han Solo getting killed?!  We called that one, too.  Anyway, without further ado, here are predictions for The Last Jedi (Episode VIII)!!

- East Side Dave

Luke Skywalker's voice is the first one that can be heard.  He is telling Rey to, "Breathe."  As we mentioned in The Force Awakens prediction article, we still feel that Luke's role may be more complex than that of the Obi Wan-esque mentor.

We are doubling-down on this prognostication after seeing this trailer.  Luke does not seem at peace the way Obi-Wan did in Episode IV.  Something seems to be troubling him.  As you hear, towards the conclusion of the trailer, Luke states, "The Jedi must end."  What?!  Does this mean that Luke is evil?!

Well, notice how he does not say that "The Jedi must die."  I have a feeling that Luke has not turned fully to the Dark Side...but is merely stating that the Jedi Order, in fact, was a failure...and that a new breed of space-priest-soldier must be invented.  Sort of like a Jedi and Sith hybrid.  Luke will attempt to merge the Jedi ideals of focus, patience, and tolerance with the Sith beliefs of passion and ambition to create a new kind of warrior.

Rian Johnson, the writer-director behind this particular Star Wars movie, has promised plenty of character study, and some definite darkness that creeps into the story.  By the way, here's Rian and myself at Star Wars Celebration last weekend.

(Left Circle) East Side Dave and (Right Circle) Episode VIII Director, Rian Johnson

What else?  Well, at :51 seconds in, we see what looks to be Kylo Ren's mask in pieces on the ground (and John Williams' theme for Kylo can be heard).  Could this be a clue to let us know that Kylo himself could have destroyed the mask...and perhaps he is having doubts about the Dark Side?  May we see the evil Kylo turning to the Light Side of the Force?  I believe we will!

Lastly, at about 1:23, we see some big-time explosions.  I think that this is the Resistance's base under attack.  I would expect the Resistance, in fact, to get CRUSHED in this movie in the same way that the Rebellion was dominated by the Empire in Episode V.  They won't lose the war.  But they will suffer some major setbacks (Perhaps a death for Poe?  Or for General Leia Organa?  Bet on it!).

That will do it for now!  I'm sure we'll have more predictions and insane theories as time goes by!  Let's watch the first trailer for The Last Jedi one, final time!  May the Force be with you!

- East Side Dave