(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox)

The Top 5 Simpsons Guitar Moments!

Not only is it currently Guitar Month, but today also marks the 30th Anniversary of The Simpsons' debut on TV (their first appearance was on The Tracey Ullman Show).

As a result, let's make a list.......The Top 5 Simpsons Guitar Moments!  Here we go!

- East Side Dave


5.) Smashing Pumpkins (The Simpsons go to Lollapalooza)


4.) The Ramones (Happy Birthday!)


3.) Red Hot Chili Peppers (The Krusty comeback episode)


2.) The Who (tear down that wall)


1.) Aerosmith (Flaming Moe's!  Need we say more?)


What do YOU think?  Who else should be on this list?

- Dave