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Lookout World, The Tamagotchi Has Returned!

Because who doesn't need to take care of an electronic poop-monster on their keychain?

Though it was a 90's parents way of proving that kids weren't "old enough to take care of a pet," the Tamagotchi became a part of the staple in elementary schools around the world. (And maybe some middle school and high schoolers, I'm not one to judge.)

It ate. It slept. It pooped. And within all that, it depended on you. Well now, it has returned -  like most 90's things.

The company who owns the product, Bandai, has reissued the first-editions, according to NYLON, saying that the egg shape is now also smaller, to make it more convenient or to wear it around your wrist.

Personally, even though these Tamagotchi's are probably still for kids, we kind of wish that they would have created an App version, similar to the access of Pokemon GO, that way we could take care of our pet and monitor it on our phones and Apple Watches.

Maybe the next re-issue will be just that.

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Not Tryna Cause Mass Panic, but the OG Tamagotchi IS BACK https://t.co/lo8MBhyaUN


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