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5 Ways to Reduce Stress

Stress is something almost all of us deal with on a daily basis.  From your work life to your home life, it's pretty much inescapable, but it can be managed.  In honor of Stress Awareness Month, here's five ways to reduce stress.


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1.  Meditate

Spending at least ten minutes meditating per day will decrease your anxiety. According to Web MD, meditation “may alter neural pathways make you more resilient to stress.” Youtube has a series of free guided meditation videos which can help you start. If you feel like have a silent meditation area is better for you, here are some aspects to keep in mind. Make sure your are sitting up straight in a comfortable position. Feel free to also sit on the floor if that works for you! Find a mantra like “I am confident” or “I can do this!” Be mindful of your breath and you will be on your way to zen.