In Other Rock News…(March 30)

A Perfect Circle, Ghost and KISS make up the March 30 installment of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!


A Perfect Circle Announce First New Studio Release Since 2004

Forget Tool!  It’s been two years longer since Maynard James Keenan’s other band A Perfect Circle released a new album, but now the streak has been broken.

Per Billboard, the band recently signed a worldwide deal with BMG and that will include a new album for sure this year, although release date details haven’t been determined yet.

Tool can’t be that far behind, right?!


Papa Emeritus Falls Off Stage, Recovers Nicely

When rock stars fall off stage, it can either be painful, hilarious or painfully hilarious.  Fortunately for Ghost’s Papa Emeritus, he managed to save the situation when he took a tumble off stage in Leeds.  Well done, Papa!

Papa falls off stage | Ghost - Mummy Dust live @ Leeds O2 Academy 28/03/17

Ghost - Mummy Dust Recorded front row at Leeds O2 Academy 28/03/17. * * * Check out my boyfriends channel, he makes Ghost collection related videos: Follow me on instagram: @idkatalya



Lost KISS Scene From Why Him?  Surfaces

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons made a funny cameo in the 2016 comedy Why Him?, and one of the scenes that didn’t make the final edit of the film made its way to YouTube, and it’s pretty funny.  (NSFW language ahead)

WhyHim The Lost KISS Scene

Bang, bang. More deleted scenes are in your copy of #WhyHim.


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