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This Bookstore Is Using The Perfect Clickbait Headlines To Get People To Read

Someone was feeling puckish, eh?

There is a bookstore / bar / coffee house in Texas called The Wild Detectives, in which they are trying to trick people into reading via clickbait. Obviously it's working because sometimes we get a little sheepish.

What's happening is that the headline is shared in such a way to give, a, let's say "bad" synopsis to a book, and then linking to copyright free classic stories. ADWEEK shared the story, along with some of the greatest examples:

  • British Guy Dies After Selfie Gone Wrong (The Picture Of Dorian Grey)
  • Teenage Girl Tricked Boyfriend Into Killing Himself (Romeo And Juliet)

And more!

ADWEEK shares a video explaining what is called "litbaits," which honestly is a super great idea. Let's just hope that this is the only place that uses that as a practice.

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Maybe this will get you to read more. “You fell for the bait, now fall for the book."


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