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Kid Rock Just Made Grilling More American

For those that thought barbecuing couldn’t get more patriotic, let us introduce you to Kid Rock and his new American Badass Grill. 

The K-I-D recently launched promotion for his new tabletop grill, and for those looking to purchase more American-made products in support of American jobs, this might be the perfect addition to your summer gatherings or for when you tailgate…or if you just shot your old grill out of the sky like in the clip below.

Just like Paige Duke said, "If it's not... - American Badass Grill | Facebook

Just like Paige Duke said, "If it's not made in don't want it."

The American Badass Grill is available in charcoal and gas models, with the charcoal model 100% made in the USA, while the gas model boasts more than 90% U.S. parts and labor.  This grill may be compact, but its surface is large enough to cook 12 burgers at once.  So, it really isn’t the size that counts; it’s how you use it.

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