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Would You Try This Venison Arby’s Burger?

Arby’s has announced that they will be adding a new Venison Sandwich to their menu. The burger will feature a thick-cut piece of steak topped off with fried onions and juniper berry sauce.

The burger was first released at their Nashville, Tennessee location. Added as a part of a meat promotion, the burger was actually a hit with customers. On the first day of the Venison’s release, it is reported that the location only had 30 burgers left by the afternoon.


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arbys has new #deer meat sandwich uh I don't know #FastFood


Arby’s senior director of brand communications, Luke DeRouen, said the burger is “mild enough for those who’ve only eaten it a few times in their life.”


Each burger is prepared with a 5 1/2 ounce steak which is marinated in garlic. The slide of meat is made sous vide, a methane of cooking that includes “immersion in hot water to cook food slow and low over long periods.”


DeRouen mentions that the creation of the burger is “about the process.” He also added that customers should expect the taste to be “very light on gaminess.”


After the success of the burger in Tennessee, restaurants in Nebraska added the meat to the menu. Some of states with the addition on the menu include: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania.  New York is the newest state expected to see the delicious addition. Known for selling out, we are sure you will have to wait in line for the tasty treat.


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First time Arby's deer meat has been in NYC. Drops mic


Most food compacts overlook the meat, but it is extremely good for your health. With less fat and calories than typical beef, you would receive better nutrition in one bite.


So, do not feel bad stopping by the popular fast food chain. Venison has been proven to be good for your health. Oh and did we mention the burger will only cost you $5? Bon appetite!


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