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People Are Not Happy After Monopoly Ditches Iconic Game Piece

An iconic Monopoly game piece has received the boot, so-to-speak.

The makers of the popular board game have decided to part ways with the thimble after it became obvious it was the least popular game piece.

Before making the decision, Hasbro asked their fans to vote in the Monopoly Token Madness campaign, which generated four million votes.

R.I.P., thimble.

While fans of the iconic piece may be sad, they can rest assure that a new game piece will soon be unveiled.

While the new piece has not been decided yet, according to The Sun, the thimble will be replaced by either an emoji, hashtag, horse, helicopter, or a dinosaur.

Which new piece are you rooting for?

Suzanne on Twitter

What!! They are removing the #thimble from #Monopoly. End of an era, how dare they? #classicIsTheBest

Meg Sytnick on Twitter

Such a travesty! The #Thimble has been ousted. #Monopoly

Emma Medals on Twitter

Words I never thought would come out of my mouth: NOT THE THIMBLE! #Monopoly

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