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7 Things You Need To Know About Pokemon Go's Gen 2 Update

If you haven't already dug through the Gen 2 update for Pokemon GO, here are all the facts you need to know.

You'll get more Gen 2 than Gen 1 Pokemon at first:

Forbes notes that 70-80% of spawns of Pokemon to catch in the wild are going to be Gen 2, mostly because Niantic felt that players wouldn't be excited to play if they weren't getting the new Pokemon. It's uncertain if this will be the indefinite schematic, but Forbes and other users figure it's just for the new launch.

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PokemonGO to get over 80 new Pokemon this week in new update


The Ball vs. Berry Holster:

You can now choose between Berries or PokeBalls on the left and right side, which is a lot easier than digging into your items when you're trying to fight a Pokemon. Once you've updated your App, you'll see the difference on the screen.


If you catch the Pokemon on the first try, you'll get a bonus:

According to Forbes, when you're capturing a Pokemon in the wild, and get it on the first try, you'll gain a 50 XP boost, which is pretty cool and helpful when you're trying to level up.


Catching Evolved Pokemon Will Give You More Candy:

Sometimes players avoid Pokemon they already have, but now a second stage evolution will give you 5 candies, according to Forbes. They also note that a third stage will get 10 candies instead. Totally worth throwing some extra pokeballs.


The special eggs from the incentive before last are now in the wild:

Keep your eyes out for Togepi, Elekid, and Cleffa!


New Berries:

In addition to the regular berries, there are 2 new ones to collect. Forbes says that one slows down the moment of the Pokemon, while one gives you double the candies for a capture. So when you're looking at a third stage Pokemon that gets 10 candies, you'll get 20. Totally worth it!


Time To Evolve Those Eevee's:

To evolve your Eevee's into Umbreon or Espeon, all you've got to do is change the name. Just like the first generation Eevee's, when you evolve, you must change the name to something in the other games. In Gold and Silver, 2 the Eevee training sisters are named Tamao and Sakura, and if you change your Eevee's nameto Tamao, you'll get the dark-type Pokemon named Umbreon. If you change your Eevee's name to Sakura, you will get the psychic-type Pokemon Espeon. I've tested this theory shared by RocketNews24, and it works.

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I feel so good about life right now...Thank you @PokemonGoApp & @NianticLabs for making #PokemonGo great again ????!!


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