Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis...A Documentary Worth Seeing!

If you have HBO, you should definitively check out the new rock-doc, Eagles Of Death Metal: Nos Amis.  

This excellent film chronicles the amazing friendship of E.O.D.M.'s co-founders, Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme (also of Queens Of The Stone Age).  It tells the story of E.O.D.M.'s rise to popularity and earned success.

And, of course, it depicts the terrible and tragic events in Paris that occurred while Eagles Of Death Metal were onstage at the Bataclan performing a show.  Terrorists killed 89 people at the concert.

The film has many intense and incredible moments.  And while the recounting of the shocking murders was extremely tough to take...there was also a feeling of hope and positivity by the end of the movie.  The viewer gets the sense that terrorism will simply never beat freedom, friendship, and Rock N' Roll.

It's a moving story and is worth a watch!  Check out the trailer below!

- East Side Dave