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ICYMI: Andre the Giant Documentary is Coming to HBO

WWE legend Andre the Giant will be receiving his own documentary.

The film will focus on his life and career of the wrestler. Starting at his upbringing in France, audiences can expect the documentary to show behind the scenes footage of his career in both the WWE and Hollywood.


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WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon released in an official statement that “for more than 20 years, Andre the Giant’s larger than life personality and unique charisma capture the imagination of fans around the world.” McMahon continued to say “I will always value our friendship, and am proud to tell the story of the ‘Eight Wonder of the World’.”


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Executive producer Bill Simmons first became interested in the wrestler when he was developing a ’30 for 30’ for ESPN. Simmons joined HBO in 2015 and since, his main goal has been to give Andre his own documentary. Simmons was noted saying “Andre was the ultimate unicorn. He’s a true legend. Everyone who ever crossed paths with him has an Andre story - and usually four or five.”

Simmons will be joined by Emmy-Award winning director and producer, Jason Hehir. This is the first time in history that HBO Sports and WWE will partner together to create their own content. WWE a series of unaired behind the scenes footage of Andre during his prime. We can also expect to see a series of interview from WWE Superstars, sports and entertainment executives, athletes, media, family, friends, and associates of the wrestler.

Born in 1949 in Grenoble, France, Andre Rene Roussimoff realized he was different. Due to a rare genetic disease of gigantism, Andre grew to over seven feet early in his teens. In his twenties, he started wrestling in Paris and quickly became well known throughout the world. Vince McMahon Sr. first laid eyes on the legend in 1970 when he was competing for the first time in Japan.



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Andre joined the WWE in 1973 where he went on to become top of the ranks. Famously, he fought Hulk Hogan a at WrestleMania III where he lost his championship title and shocked fans everywhere. His fame allowed him to appear in television and films throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Andrew succumbed to gigantism on January 27, 1993 and passed away from congestive heart failure.


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Forever a WWE legend, this HBO documentary will bring forth the sweet and fierce side of the wrestler audiences all loved.


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