The Knicks Are A Circus.

Things are getting even weirder in Madison Square Garden.   

Last night, as the Knicks were playing the Clippers, former Knick forward Charles Oakley got into an altercation with security...and was kicked out of the building and arrested!

Some sources are saying that Oakley was trying to get to Knicks owner James Dolan to talk to him about getting a role with the team when security blocked him.  That's when Charles lost it.

Check this out.  And as an aside, as a Knicks fan I'd like to say that Oakley displays more fire and energy in this short video than the team has shown all year on the court!  Forget about a job within the organization, the Knicks should sign the Oak Man as a PLAYER right now!

- East Side Dave


...And here's a view from the stands.