Dave McDonald, WRAT

Save The Circus!

It has been brought to our attention that the legendary, Wall Township restaurant, The Circus Drive-In, appears to be in serious trouble and may close its doors soon.

As someone who grew up and still resides only a few miles from this iconic Jersey Shore eatery, I am saddened to see this happen.  The Circus has hosted local families for decades with its great burgers and old school charm.  The drive-in looks and feels like something you would have seen in American Graffiti or Happy Days.

I hated seeing Asbury's Palace Amusements shut down...and I despise witnessing this fun, classic drive-in closing down as well.  In my opinion, establishments like The Circus should be made Jersey Shore Landmarks and should be untouchable!

I'll still keep my fingers crossed and hope that it somehow finds a way to keep its doors open!  Save The Circus!

- East Side Dave