Jersey Rock Artist of the Week: Skrizzly Adams

"Stains" EP Available Now!

Skrizzly Adams is about as unique as artists come.  The lyrics to his songs are powerful and heartfelt with a sound that accomplishes the feat of blending elements of Southern Rock and Hip Hop.  His recordings have high production values, with numerous audible components and the same can be said for his live touring show.  Skrizzly is very much at home in a large-scale, well-orchestrated, presentation and yet he is just as comfortable performing alone, on a stool with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a microphone.

Skrizzly began writing his Stains EP when he was 19.  He's 25 now.  In the six years between then and now he was signed to Atlantic Records and began touring the nation.  In 2015 he won what is considered to be the most selective and prestigious songwriting competition in the world, the International Songwriting Competition Grand Prize, for his track "Tipping Point."  Skrizzly has accomplished a lot in a relatively short time, but that hasn't stopped him from hustling.

Skrizzly is a hard worker and is already putting together new compositions, however music isn't the only thing the singer/songwriter is producing.  He also has his own line of Beef Jerky.  If you happen to catch one of his live shows you can see him afterward to purchase a CD and/or an after-show snack.  Skrizzly Adams Beef Jerky is a hot item out on tour.  You can score some at

Skrizzly will call in to Jersey Rock each night this week.  Tune to 95.9 The Rat on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night at 11:30 pm to hear from him and check out tracks from his "Stains" EP.  We'll be leading off with that International award-winning track on Tuesday.

To learn more about Skrizzly Adams, purchase his "Stains" EP or keep track of his touring schedule hit up

Check out the Lyric Video for "West Virginia and These Cigarettes":