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The REAL Ingredients In Nutella

Nutella is known for being, "The best Hazelnut spread in the world."

It not only tastes delicious but was previously thought to be a "healthier" option to eating chocolate. An image of what really goes into making Nutella has gone viral on Reddit. Warning: This image may change how you feel about Nutella, it shows a large amount of sugar and palm oil.

According to Seventeen, "The photo also displays the huge amount of palm oil used, an ingredient that the European Food Safety Authority recently reported generates more of a potentially carcinogenic contaminant than any other vegetable oil."

I still love Nutella because it tastes amazing, but I will definitely be eating it less frequently after seeing that image.

Perez on Twitter

This image has gone viral and people are freaking out. I'm not. I'm still gonna eat my #Nutella on cheat days and love it!!

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