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Want To Live For Free In A Ghost Town? You May Want To Read This!

Garnet Ghost Town is claimed to be haunted and if you like ghosts, this might be the place for you.

Garnet was a mining town that has been abandoned for almost 100 years. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management posted an application for people to live in Garnet Ghost Town free of charge.

There's no running water but you will be provided with a furnished cabin including a propane refrigerator. Most importantly, you'll get paid to live there along with a food allowance! It almost seems too good to be true because all you have to do is assist with tours, work in the gift shop, and help with the upkeep of the town.

After your shift is over and guests have left you can roam the town as you please. Many residents claim to have heard footsteps running through the halls, doors opening and closing, and laughter and music from Kelly's Saloon. Spooky!

If you've got an itch for haunted dwellings, you can apply here.

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Two hours north from #RockyMTNRoll camp, on top of a mountain lies Garnet Ghost Town. It's one of the most well preserved ghost towns in Montana, third only to Bannack and Virginia City. Would make a fantastic day trip after having breakfast at farmer's market in Hamilton. ???? Have you gotten your ticket for #RockyMTNRoll2 yet? ✖ ✖ ???????????? #ridemt #rmr2 #rockymountainroll #garnetghosttown #ghosttown

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Dusk at the #GarnetGhostTown can be a little creepy, especially when it's high winds, everything is creaking, you're in grizzly country in the woods with nothing around for miles and alone with nothing but a couple high powered strobes to defend yourself with. It can also be a powerful place, inspiring to see how much different life was in the early 1900's in this well preserved walk through history. It's a must see if you're in the area! @visitMontana @natgeotravel

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