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Robby Krieger Talks New Doors Live Release

Out today (December 16) is London Fog 1966, the earliest known concert recording by The Doors.

The nine-song limited edition (18,000 copies) set hails from a performance at the Los Angeles club the London Fog, where the Doors played before starting their famed residency at the nearby Whiskey A Go Go.

It features a combination of blues covers and early versions of "People Are Strange" and "You Make Me Real," and guitarist Robby Krieger tells us that it was a real kick to hear the recordings, which pre-date any of the Doors' other archival releases:

"Yeah, it's pretty cool to hear. This is the earliest stuff I've ever heard of, y'know, the Doors...We were obviously just starting out. We'd probably been together for maybe six, eight months, maybe even a year at that point, maybe longer...We hadn't really found our sound, exactly, y'know? We were still doing a lot of cover songs and Ray (Manzarek) was doing a lot of singing and Jim (Morrison) was kinda still kinda shy and hadn't really come out of his shell yet...But you can still hear it's us."


More recorded material exists from the same show, and Krieger says the Doors camp is looking for it to release in the future.


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