(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: Raftree "All The Time"

Video Release Party at the Brighton Bar on December 2.

Raftree are a Heavy Modern Rock band from Union.  Their sound features elements of Alternative and Metal.  Needless to say, they rock hard.

Raftree's self-titled EP is out now.  You can score a copy HERE.  They will play a video release party at The Brighton Bar on December 2.  You can learn more about the show at brigthonbar.com.

Raftree's video for "All The Time," sounds great and looks cool.  The setting appears to be a 19th century machine shop.  Director Jeffery Moore of Axtravaganza Films did a great job blending a number of cuts into a composition that definitely suits the song.

You can learn more about Raftree at raftreeband.com and at facebook.com/raftreeband.

Check out the video for "All The Time":