6 Key Tips On Ways To Quit Smoking

Do you want to get healthy but haven't been able to quit smoking just yet? Well, we've got a few tips for you on this Great American Smokeout Day - AKA Quitting Smoking Day!

Quitting smoking can be really tough, and if you've ever been a smoker, or are, and have tried to quit, you know this. Other than continuing the habit, here are some ways you can help your movement toward not smoking be a success.


Figure Out Why You Want To Quit Smoking, Then Focus On Those Reasons:

If you keep your goals in front of you constantly, you'll be less likely to fail.


Attempt To Get Fit:

You'll find that when you start to get healthy, you'll feel less inclined to ruin that feeling. (


Clean Your House:

Clean everything! Once your house doesn't smell like smoke anymore, you'll be less likely to want to smoke inside. Plus any smells of nicotine may trigger a craving if you don't clean it. (


Relapsing Isn't An Option:

One will hurt. It's not a reward. Cigarettes do not calm you down, either. So none of these excuses are valid. When you want to smoke, do something else, maybe even something productive. JUST DON'T SMOKE! (


Consider Nicotine-Replacements Rather Than Going Cold Turkey:

Sometimes you need to have assistance while walking away from addictions, and being that nicotine is a drug, this will simulate weening off of the smoking situation. Discuss any replacements with your doctor before going forward. (WebMD)


Consider Avoiding Alcohol:

You know how it goes, you have a few drinks, then you want to smoke. Especially if you're a social smoker, keep yourself in check if you do decide to drink. (WebMD)


If all else fails, consult your doctor for further ideas and possible treatments to get you to kick the stick!




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