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10 Tweets Reminding You That Christmas Is Coming

Halloween just ended, and if you're like some of us, you're looking very forward to Christmas.

Though some people happen to be forgetting that little nugget called Thanksgiving... You know, the one dedicated to all the food?

Whether you're feeling mixed emotions about the push, or if you're dreading seeing the first red cups come out from Starbucks (essentially indicating the Holiday season), here are 10 perfect tweets to help you realize what's coming. Other than Winter, of course.


Cassidy Williams on Twitter

At the stroke of midnight, Michael Bublé will rise from his 10 month slumber to croon carols for all to hear. Hang on to your stockings.


Will Shepherd on Twitter

people keep talking about Christmas and i'm over here like don't you know there's a holiday dedicated to FOOD that comes first?!


Jill Cimorelli on Twitter

last night it was one hour into november and I had Christmas music blasting. https://t.co/oEVVCIDWXI

loreal on Twitter

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays it won't be christmas for me until 12:00am on November 25th


Kait ♡ on Twitter

Trying to decide if it's acceptable to decorate the house for Christmas yet?! ????????????????????????


T -25 days until I can play Christmas music without feeling judged ????????????????

Best Vines on Twitter

7 weeks till Christmas https://t.co/3u2JWHzRX6


Chuck Bass on Twitter

I've waited exactly 365 days to post this Merry Christmas. https://t.co/lodlkjexFl


Good Morning America on Twitter

When you hear co-workers/friends already playing Christmas music... https://t.co/0lfqXP8AvJ


Katie on Twitter

Y'all are just jumping straight to Christmas, and I'm over here thinking about Thanksgiving like


Before you get too excited, just remember, there is an order:

Halloween ----> Thanksgiving ----> Christmas.


That is all.


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