(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: WTF!?! "Halloween"

Playing Jimmy Geez North in Oak Ridge on November 12.

The season of ghouls, goblins and the occasional creepy clown is upon us!  As Halloween approaches, its only fitting to usher in one of the coolest nights of the year with a song celebrating the upcoming holiday.  

Shot last Halloween at Jimmy Geez North in Oak Ridge, the video features North Jersey rockers WTF!?! covering the Misfits classic “Halloween.”  Rocking Halloween costumes of their own, they totally do the song justice.  With skeletons on drums and guitar, a wizard on bass and Supergirl handling vocals before a costumed crowd, the video is the perfect thing to watch to get into the spirit of the season.

Learn more about WTF!?! at wtfrocks.com.  There you can find a list of upcoming gigs and links to the bands facebook and YouTube pages.

They’re in action again at the site where the video was shot, Jimmy Geez North in Oak Ridge, on November 12.

Happy Halloween from Jersey Rock!!!