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'The Walking Dead' Basically Shattered Everyone Last Night On Twitter

First of all, SPOILERS. 

Spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers.




Don't say I didn't warn you....

radioc00per on Twitter



We're assuming that the election results this year may extract about 1/4 of the reaction that came from people watching The Walking Dead last night. This was the final moment in which we all had to transition between not knowing who Negan was going to kill - and being utterly and completely nauseated with probably one of the gnarliest deaths ever on TWD. Lucille, Negan's bat, took it's swing and annihilated one of our classics and one of our newbies.  And you thought that maybe there'd just be one.

The internet really can't handle what happened - and many tweets were flying during last night's show, but if there's anything we know about characters that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays (let's be real, his role as The Comedian in Watchmen had to be a deciding factor in casting him for the role of Negan), is that he was going to show NO MERCY... Except maybe to Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), who nearly lost his life. "The first one's free." (Kudos to the misdirection, we thought we were losing Daryl for a moment there, TWD writers.)


And Now, Here Are Some Twitter Reactions:


Jacob Fawns on Twitter

How I feel right now #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/a7DI1HDxxm

Gemma Stiles on Twitter

I thought I had developed a thick skin after 6 seasons of The Walking Dead - apparently not...! #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/FHFeumZp3U

Delaney Croft on Twitter

Still reeling from last night's episode of #thewalkingdead and the ability of some writers to to rip out the hearts of their audience. :,(

Light Yagami on Twitter

Really shouldve taken today off after that episode lol #TheWalkingDead

Pinkster on Twitter

Me during #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/dG4b5cjEtO

rip glenn on Twitter

How do you move on with life when your all time fav character since 2010 has been horrifically murdered before your eyes? #TheWalkingDead

Alperen Arslan on Twitter

Me after watching #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/XwsIQse2Pz

If you care to watch it, here is the death scene (before the tweet gets ripped down). But we warn you, it's all of the following:

  • Disturbing
  • Gorey
  • Not Safe For Work
  • NSFW - Seriously
  • Has some language
  • Nasty sound effects
  • If you ate your breakfast, you might throw it back up if you have a weak stomach.

◈Andy Lui¡z¹³ on Twitter

I will not overcome this death #TheWalkingDead    https://t.co/ODqU7QKhU2

twd! margot on Twitter

goodbye glenn and abraham. you will be missed. #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/6ANjlzax87

RIP Abraham and Glenn.

eli on Twitter

I'm gonna miss them ???? #TheWalkingDead


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