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Dave Grohl Apparently Has Some Pull At The Rock Hall

We've gotten used to finding some Dave Grohl involvement in so many significant rock 'n' roll events; Now we find out he had a hand in getting Jane's Addiction a spot on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot for the class of 2017.

Jane's frontman Perry Farrell tells syndicated rock maven Eddie Trunk that Grohl told him at a recent fundraiser for his children's school that, he was "working with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- and I got you on the ballot. I hope it goes well."

Jane's is one of 19 acts on the ballot; Voting has just started -- including a public poll at -- and the class of 2017 will be announced in early December, with the ceremony taking place during April in Brooklyn.

Jane's guitarist Dave Navarro tells us that he's staying cautiously optimistic about the band's chances:

"It's hard to say because you don't want to speak before everything is said and done. I'll just say that music has save my life in more ways than one. It's given me direction. It's given me purpose. It's given me self-worth and esteem and has given me an opportunity to touch millions of people, and to be able to do that along with the bands that did that for me and to be considered one of those bands is something that honestly makes me want to cry. I'm literally getting choked up thinking about it."


Jane's releases a Sterling Spoon vinyl box set today (October 21), whose six LPs include a set of rarities as well as a live show from 1990. The group also filmed its Sterling Spoon Tour finale on September 23 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater for a concert film whose release date has not yet been determined.


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