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Dave Navarro on Jane’s Addiction Being Nominated For The Rock Hall

Dave Navarro says he and the other members of Jane's Addiction are trying to take their first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nomination in stride.

After the 19 nominees were announced on Tuesday (October 18), Navarro told us that,

"It's hard to talk about because it's a nomination, so of course it's very much an honor. I'm very excited about it and couldn't be more thrilled about it. However, it's a nomination. The jury's still out...We'd love to be in the hall, but also we don't want to jinx it. We're a three-time Grammy-nominated band that has never won the Grammy, and here we are now with another nomination. It's hard to pull the trigger of excitement just yet...Cautiously optimistic, but secretly psyched to be nominated."


Navarro added that he's also pleased to be part of the group that's being considered for induction this year:

“No matter what happens, the year we're nominated in, the company we're in, it's pretty spectacular. I mean, they're all bands I either grew up with or grew up listening to. So to be in the same category as these bands is, it's a pretty big deal for me to see the MC5, the Cars, Journey, Pearl Jam and Jane's Addiction all being mentioned. It's pretty surreal."


While Jane's Addiction waits for the early December announcement of the Rock Hall's five inductees, the group is releasing a Sterling Spoon vinyl box set on Oct. 21, whose six LPs include a set of rarities as well as a live show from 1990.

The group also filmed its Sterling Spoon Tour finale on September 23 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre for a concert film whose release date has not yet been determined.


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