In Other Rock News…(October 17th)

Green Day, Ghost and Metallica make up the October 17th installment of “In Other Rock News…”  Enjoy!


Green Day Fan Proposes In Front Of Green Day

Love was in the air at a recent Green Day signing when two fans got engaged in front of the band.  Boy…are we glad she said “YES!”

Green Day - Timeline | Facebook

Will You Marry Me? #shesaidyes #rageandlove #greenday #hottopic in store signing LA


Ghost Release Mysterious New Video

We haven’t a clue what this recent Ghost video from the Clergy means, and frankly, we don’t care.  They’re really one of the most entertaining acts out their today, and we can’t wait for their next video message.

Ghost - Timeline | Facebook

MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY] We wish to inform you that the proceedings have intensified. Sister Imperator has demanded the nameless ghouls lead to depths of darkness never before seen. As our mission continues, we heed the call to follow the path of Papa.



Footage From Metallica Video Game Surfaces

So, apparently a Metallica video game called “Damage Inc.” was supposed to come out around 2005, but it never saw the light of day, with the exception of a trailer that was released…UNTIL NOW!  Check out the video below from PtoPOnline for a look at this game that never was.

Damage Inc. : Metallica | The Cancelled Game [PS2 / Xbox / PC]

Exclusive gameplay footage of the canned Metallica game by Climax. " Patreon: " Twitter: " Facebook:


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