Guy Does Donuts On Live TV During Hurricane (WATCH)

Well, in his defense:  It was in Daytona!

A reporter in Daytona Beach was out in the middle of Hurricane Matthew last Friday, when a guy in a black pick-up truck started driving around like an idiot in the background.

First he sped by and did a U-turn.  Then he drove by the camera again, and started doing donuts in the middle of an intersection.

So he obviously knew they were there, and just wanted to get on TV.  But it also made it easier for the cops to find him.

It turns out he's a 20-year-old named Brandon Ware.  Police tracked him down later that day and arrested him.

What makes this No Sweat News story extra fun is the t-shirt he was wearing at the time...

It said, "Eff Speeding Tickets"!