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A7X “Deathbat’ Logos Mysteriously Appearing In Major Cities

Avenged Sevenfold has something up its sleeve.

The group has been working on a new album -- the follow-up to 2013's Hail To The King -- but recent events indicate that something is coming, probably soon.

The group's "deathbat" logo has appeared on buildings and billboards in Toronto, London, Berlin and other cities, while guitarist Zacky Vengeance tweeted that "October is a reason to celebrate."

There's no other word on what might be up, but if we're to believe Vengeance there are 24 more days to find out. The eventual album will be the group's first with new drummer Brooks Wackerman, who joined last year.

So, I hear pictures of the deathbat are popping up worldwide..could it be that the new album is finally here and ready to be released soon? ???? ---- This photo was taken in London ???????? and there's no reason for it to be up there either, since they won't be touring in the UK until January, and even when they do, this is nowhere near where they'll be playing ???? so, when I saw this at first, I did think it was odd it'd be up there, and even weirder as to the time of year too ???? honestly thought I'd missed something ???? --- #a7xworldwide #avengedsevenfold #a7x #a7xfamily #a7xnation #deathbat #deathbatforever ???? @waking_vengeance

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Some Avenged Sevenfold Deathbats in Toronto, soo can't wait to know what's going on!! #avengedsevenfold #deathbat #toronto #rogerscentre #metal #confused #excited #a7x #a7xworldwide #music #heavymetal #ontario

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