(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Damian Marley Starts A Prison Pot Farm

Yep, the Reggae master's son bought an abandoned prison and is turning it into a pot farm.

In one of the biggest statements of irony EVER, Damian Marley and his investors at Ocean Grow Extracts has purchased an abandoned prison in Coalinga, California and has plans to turn it into a huge medicinal marijuana farm.

From Billboard:  "Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up," says Marley, 38, noting the poetic justice of turning a prison that once housed non-violent drug offenders into a cannabis cultivation facility. "If this [venture] helps people and it's used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it's a success."

The purchase of the ex-con facility, the former Claremont Custody Center, has already helped out the local town get out of a bunch of debt problems... plus, they're hiring!  (How do we apply??!!)

One final note:  Damian is proud of the special weed strain that Ocean Grow Extracts has made for him, a blend of 70% indica and 30% sativa called "Speak Life".

To quote Carl to Marty and Doug in Amsterdam, "I'm gonna need a minute..."