No Sweat News: The Great NY Octopus Disaster (WATCH)

A guy created a monument to the "lives lost in the disaster".  Only one problem:

it's a bunch of B.S.

Joseph Reginella is the guy's name.  He made up the story of a Staten Island ferry being attacked by a giant octopus a while ago and set upon the genius idea of creating a memorial to the disaster.

So, he made the 250 pound statue / memorial to the disaster and every now and then sneaks it into Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan.  According to this from The Guardian, it takes two people to carry the darned thing into the park... (Click that link to see a pic of the memorial, it's pretty classic.)

Joe likes to sit and watch locals and tourists alike scratch their heads about the memorial...

He even created a mock-u-mentary on the whole thing, scroll down to watch it.

The ferry was a real ferry, it was the Cornelius G. Kolff... but it was never attacked (duh!!).  It's this sort of pranksterism that the No Sweat News clamors for.  Well done, Mr. Reginella!