Cop Saves A Jumper's Life Because They Both Hate The Cowboys (WATCH)

This is why they call it the "No Sweat News"...

A life-or-death situation that could've easily turned tragic last week turned out okay, and it's all thanks to one thing:  Everyone hates the Dallas Cowboys.  Video below.

The police in Columbia, South Carolina got a call last week about a suicidal guy sitting on the ledge of a bridge over a freeway and crying.

One of the officers started trying to bond with the guy to get him to come down off the ledge.  He talked with him about how the guy should come down to see the University of South Carolina football game that weekend, and that seemed to go okay.

But then he moved onto the NFL and hit gold.  The guy said his favorite team is the Washington Redskins, and the cop quickly bonded by saying he'll be pulling for the Redskins the next time they play the Dallas Cowboys because, quote, "I hate Dallas."

And literally RIGHT after that, the guy agreed to let the cop take his arm and pull him back off the ledge.

Unfortunately the Redskins lost to the Cowboys on Sunday, but hey, we're assuming that didn't drive the guy back to the ledge.